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Kindergarten is an important early step on your child’s journey through education, giving them the chance to play, learn, grow and develop. From 2014, South Australia will have the same first day of preschool for all children. This will be the first day of term one.

The same first day of kindergarten will mean that every child will have four terms of kindergarten and then four terms of reception when they go to school. It will also mean a more stable environment for children with fewer changes to groups throughout the year.

From 2014, if your child turns four before 1 May, they will start preschool on the first day of term one. If your child turns four on or after 1 May, they will start preschool on the first day of term one the following year. The minimum age for starting kindergarten will then be three years and eight months.

Kindy Uniforms

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Parent Information Handbook

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Parent Contribution

Kindergarten has a Parent Contribution of $170 per term which is reviewed by the Governing Council at the end of each year.


Cumberland Kindergarten is staffed by a full time Director, full time Teacher and two part time Early Childhood Workers. We also have access to additional staff through the Preschool Support Program and Bilingual Support Program.

Session Information

Kindergarten Times

Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 3:30pm, Fridays 8.45am to 11.45am.

We have 2 separate groups of children attending each week. Children can attend Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays upon consultation with the Director.

Group A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (odd weeks)

Group B: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (even weeks)

Flow of the Day

8:45am Arrival – Activities inside and outside
9:00am Large group time
9:30am Play time indoors and outdoors
10:30am Fruit
11:30am Gather for lunchtome (1/2 of group eat lunch, other 1/2 have a small group time experience with educator)
12:00pm Children swap groups for lunch and group time
12:30pm Play time indoors and outdoors
2:30pm Fruit
2:45pm Pack-up
3:00pm Group time
3:30pm Goodbye


This is a guide for the routine of the day but we practice flexibility in meeting the needs of our children.


Therefore there may be some adjustments to the timings of various parts of the day to incorporate special experiences, weather factors or for other reasons.

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