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Welcome to Cumberland Preschool Kindergarten

We are a standalone Department of Education and Children Development (DECD) kindergarten located approximately 8km south of Adelaide in the Mitcham Council area. The kindergarten is located in a residential area surrounded by houses, with many of our families living within easy walking distance of the kindergarten. The Hope Ward Tennis Club backs onto the Kindergarten.

is to provide a high quality play based program where educators and families work collaboratively to provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of individual children.

The centre has a maximum capacity of 33 children per session. Currently children attend two full days Monday to Thursday (8:45am – 3:30pm) and a number of additional Friday sessions, for the equivalent of 15 hours per week. Cumberland Kindergarten is a multiculturally diverse community representing a number of different cultures each year in its enrolments, including Indigenous, African, The Americas, Asian, European and Middle Eastern.

Cumberland Kindergarten is part of the Mitcham Plains Partnership group of 8 kindergartens, 5 primary schools and 4 secondary schools. While we are part of the Mitcham Plains Partnership our children transition to a number of other schools within our local area and at times outside of our local area. Children from Cumberland Kindergarten attend a number of public and private schools, with children going to up to 13 different schools each year. Our main feeder schools are Colonel Light Gardens Primary, Edwardstown Primary & Westbourne Park Primary.

Day in the life of Jordan

Find out what a typical day at Cumberland Preschool looks like through the eyes of a child.

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Director: Mrs Melissa Slater

Mitcham Plains Partnership
Mount Barker Education Office


Phone (08) 8293 7327

4 tweed st
Cumberland Park  sa 5041

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